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Robots that I have built and worked with over the years.


CoroBot Simulated CoroBot My current work at CoroWare allows me to play with the CoroBot. And the ClassPack provides an accurate simulated version of the robot.

Robotics Developer Studio

  I interned for Microsoft and worked with the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio team. I contributed mostly to the fischertechnik and Lego NXT services. I continue to work with RDS on many projects. Here are some of my add-ons.

Masters Project

Heavy Metal Team   Georgia Tech's entry in the RoboCup Rescue 2007 competition was my master's project. Click here for more pics and videos. At 300 pounds, it was the largest competitor by far. Unfortunately, the size of the robot and low ground clearance prevented the robot from exploring much of the arena. I designed and machined almost the entire robot myself. I also did quite a bit of systems integration. Our goal was to have better video throughput by using 3 orthogonal radio frequencies as detailed in this paper:

Ben Axelrod, and Can Envarli. (RCom) Reliable Communications for Teleoperated Rescue Robots.

Mobile Manipulator

Kuka + Segway   The goal for this project was to get this Kuka arm on a Segway RMP to serve coffee. Details in this paper:

C. Anderson, B. Axelrod, J. Case, J. Choi, M. Engel, G. Gupta, F. Hecht, J. Hutchison, N. Krishnamurthi, J. Lee, H. Nguyen, R. Roberts, J. Rogers, A. Trevor, H. Christensen, C. Kemp. Mobile Manipulation - A Challenge in Integration. In SPIE Defense & Security, 2008.

See also this poster presented at RSS 2007. Some videos here.

My team chose to use Microsoft Robotics Studio as our base platform. I was responsible for the overall service architecture.


Scribblers Me in front of boxes of Scribbler robots for the IPRE project. I was the IPRE Research Fellow in 2006.

Iguana Robotics

During a summer internship at Iguana Robotics, Inc. I had the opportunity to help design and build a few new robot platforms:

Marlyn Marilyn - The first robot I helped design at Iguana during my internship.  I did about half of the mechanical design on the first iteration of Marilyn.  

Tom Cat TomCat - The second robot I helped design during my internship.  I had a much larger role in designing this robot than Marilyn.  After I came back to Iguana to work full time, I extended this robot with another motor in the torso.

Snappy Snappy - Although I did not design this robot, I designed and built the sensor and power system.  This included a rack mount box with the motor controllers and power supplies.  It also included an intermediate sensor consolidation circuit board that fits discretely inside the torso of Snappy.

Senior Design Robot

Spider robotI was the team leader of my senior design project in which we built an eight legged hobby servo driven robot.  Here is a brief report about our work and the robot.  And here is a full size picture.

Basic Stamp Robot

cyclops Cyclops - A one eyed photovore. I built it with Lego motors because they are powerful and easy to work with.

Lego Robots

I made these robots in high-school and early college.

Legs Legs - A hexapod walker.  July 1999 Lego Mindstorms Novice Hall of Fame winner.

Smart-Turn Bot Smart-Turn Bot - Basically just a bumper bot, but with rack-and-pinion steering and the ability to sense when the wheels are straight.  December 2000 Lego Mindstorms Novice Hall of Fame winner.

Robo Snake Robo Snake - A five segmented snake with home built red LED eyes.

Robotnik Robotnik - Another bumper bot, but with home built infrared proximity detectors and four wheel steering.

maze Maze Bot - A robot that can solve a simple maze.

Lego Sensors

These are some of my home made Lego sensors.

Accelerometer Accelerometer - A simple pendulum, one axis accelerometer.

Lego Keyboard Keyboard - 12 buttons in 1 sensor port.

IRPD sensor IRPD - An infrared proximity detector.